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Tulane Center of Clinical  Research

A little synopsis of the study 

This study is for APOL-1 Mediated Chronic kidney disease. People sometimes have increased level of proteinuria which might not be lifestyle or related to any other condition. This condition may or may not be attributed to having a genetic variation (changes in DNA) in a gene called APOL1. Certain people with variants in the APOL1 gene have a higher risk of kidney disease. This study offers free genetic testing to participants suffering for chronic kidney diseases to see if they have the mutation. 

If they do have the mutation, they are welcomed to join further in the study where a potential study treatment is offered which acts as a blocker for APOL-1 gene 


Why is this study important? 


This study is being done to learn more about the safety and effectiveness of the investigational drug VX-147 in participants with APOL1-Mediated Chronic Kidney Disease.

People of recent African ancestry are more likely to have certain APOL1 variants and are more at risk for CKD. Currently, treatment for CKD exists only to control some aspects of the disease, Such as high blood pressure. However, it is important also to treat the worsening of kidney function as well as the underlying cause of CKD. VX-147 is being studied to determine if it can slow or stop the further deterioration of kidney function as well as target the underlying cause of this disease.


As a researcher, we do screen patients from Tulane or LCMC hospitals, but I am determined to bring this study outside to the community. People should be aware of potential opportunities to take part in research as it might benefit them, and they can contribute towards groundbreaking treatment modalities for future generations to come. Dialysis should not be the only option; we need to do something better than that and this study can be one such modality of the future. 

I want to request your support to collaborate and bring this out to people and families who can benefit from this. I would love for me and my team to come to community events where we can talk about the study and create awareness.

Tulane Center for Clinical Research is conducting a clinical trial on Chronic Kidney disease. Please reach out to them at 504-988-9801 to learn more about the study. Participants may be eligible for compensation.

Address: 143 S Liberty Street, New Orleans, LA, 70112.  For more information about the research click here. 

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