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What is Give NOLA Day?
What is GiveNOLA Day?

GiveNOLA Day is a 24-hour event hosted by the Greater New Orleans Foundation to inspire people to give generously to nonprofits making our region stronger, creating a thriving community for all.

GiveNOLA Day, an initiative of the Greater New Orleans Foundation, is a one day online giving event. For 24 hours, everyone who loves our region can support their favorite local causes by donating to one or more of 700+ participating nonprofit organizations. Last year's event raised over $7.1 million from over 50,000 donations across the nation and around the world. Since the first event in 2014, GiveNOLA Day has raised over $33 million for our region’s nonprofits.

Details and overview

  • Who can make a donation?

We believe that anyone can be a philanthropist. Anyone can make a donation to a the National Kidney Foundation of Louisiana during Early Giving or on Give NOLA Day.

  • How can I make a donation?

Go to our donation page and enter the amount you would like to donate to our foundation. Donations begin at $10 and there is no limit to the maximum size or number of donations you would like to make.

  • When is Early Giving?

Early Giving runs from April 23rd to May 6th. 

  • When is Give Nola Day?

Give NOLA Day is Tuesday, May 7th, 2024.​​

Details and Overview

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