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The Crisis Intervention Fund 

The Crisis Intervention Fund is administered by the National Kidney Foundation of Louisiana.  A patient applies for a grant through his/her social worker who submits an application to the NKFL.  You can review the Pt Guidelines for CIF to see if you qualify before submitting an application. 


The crisis application requires the patient’s financial information (i.e., monthly income and expenses) along with the intended use for the funds being requested.  Your social worker or clinic administrator is responsible for completing Section three and submitting to the NKFL office. In order to qualify, the patient should be experiencing an unplanned crisis that has caused a one-time financial burden.  While most patients use their grant for medical supplies or medicine, the utilization of these monies is not limited to medical needs.  In fact, many indigent patients need the funds simply to make ends meet — for utility charges, car repairs or a new pair of glasses. 

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