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NKFL Partners with Dirty Coast to Promote Kidney Health Awareness

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

The National Kidney Foundation of Louisiana (NKFL) announces a community partnership with Dirty Coast in their Screens for Good program. Screens for Good is a creative way to give back and show support for your favorite organizations through original apparel. The project designs, prints, and ships shirts and tote bags with community partners and splits the profits 50/50.

The NKFL worked with Screens for Good to release a fun and original design under the “Everybody Pees” theme campaign. The design expresses true New Orleans soul with second lining kidney beans decked out in black and gold adornments. The shirts can be ordered in sizes XS-3XL. Tote bags are available for purchase as well.

“Everybody Pees” is used to promote education and action by breaking down the stigma around openly discussing urine testing screening for kidney disease. Kidney disease is not a laughing matter, but NKFL hopes to spread awareness of a life-or-death issue impacting over 460,000 Louisianans.

According to the CDC only half of adults at risk know they have chronic kidney disease (CKD). Opening the dialogue around urine testing is key for early detection of CKD. The NKFL regularly hosts kidney screenings throughout the state of Louisiana that help people identify their personal risk of kidney disease and understand their own current levels.

Kidney disease can impact any Louisianan of any age, gender and race so in keeping your kidneys healthy, you can be someone who provides a lifesaving organ donation to a family member, friend or neighbor. Likewise, taking the time to take a urine test and discuss your risks with a doctor help you understand if you’re one of 33 percent of American adults at risk of kidney disease.

A portion of the proceeds for each shirt sold by Dirty Coast will be donated to The National Kidney Foundation of Louisiana to continue its mission of preventing kidney disease, improving the health and well-being of all individuals affected by this disease and increasing the availability of all organs for transplantation in Louisiana.

Visit Screens for Good to order a shirt or tote online. For more information about kidney disease and patient resources visit


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