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Uber Health

Uber Health

Transportation is one of the most common barriers faced by low-income communities to accessing timely and necessary medical care. For hemodialysis patients, good health depends on reliable transportation to and from dialysis clinics. Unfortunately, Louisiana ranks number one per capita in incidences of chronic kidney disease because of the extremely high prevalence of high blood pressure and diabetes in our population. Here in Louisiana, there are over 460,000 citizens diagnosed with chronic kidney disease and over 16,000 are on dialysis. Without access to necessary lifesaving treatment, this vulnerable population’s health is being placed at medical risk.

There have been many studies indicating that safe, reliable, on-time transportation is associated with greater quality of life and supports improved patient outcomes. For kidney patients, this is most important as transportation is needed three times a week to and from dialysis treatments. To address this concern, the National Kidney Foundation of Louisiana has created “Safe Rides with Uber Health” ensuring that Louisiana’s kidney patients have safe and reliable transportation to and from dialysis.

For more information, please contact Tracey Eldridge at 504.861.4500 or

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